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Change Management

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Managing Workplace Reform

The Local Government Workplace Reform toolkit: Managing Workplace Change has been prepared by LGNSW to offer detailed and practical guidance on working through workplace change resulting from boundary changes or amalgamations that require staff to transfer from one council to another, or to a newly created council. 

Past experience with amalgmations and boundary changes shows that managing the workforce and workplace issues is one of the most significant challenges to be faced.



Fit for the Future

New South Wales Councils are in the process of presenting their plan to show that they are Fit for the Future.  Some will be some wont.  The amount of change that councils will shortly undertake will include a significant amount of both emotional and psychological pain for staff.  Most managers are not equipped to deal with the emotional aspect of change.  This program, which can be modified for in-house use, will assist managers with the necessary skills to deal with the people issues of change.


Leading People through Chance and Uncertainty

Change is ever present.  We don’t need to look far to prove that claim.  On the other hand organisations are inherently conservative and resistant to change.  Managers need to understand the human elements in change and to better equip themselves to deal with the statement – “organisations don’t change, people do – or don’t as the case may be” (Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman).  Managers need to understand the emotional and psychological aspects of change.  They end to understand that their colleagues will move through four reasonable predictable stages of change and to develop the strategies to deal with those stages.  This program will help develop those skills.


Managing Stages of Change

As change is ever present there is a good body of evidence to help us understand the usual stages that staff go through in finally accepting and implementing the organisational change.  These stages can be identified and specific interventions and approaches applied to each.  This program will focus on developing the manager’s skill to better lead their colleagues through change.




Revisiting Change

Change is ever present.  How are you adapting to the many changes being forced upon you today.  Have you attended a Change Workshop before and it didn’t work for you?  This program will allow you to discuss your past strategies and what worked and what didn’t.  It will also allow you to review the current approaches to changes and what we know will or won’t work.  We will review Kotter’s change model and its applications.  Many organisation we successful when they followed the simple truths in the Kotter model and brought their staff along with them on the change journey.


The Psychology of Change

This program is designed for General Managers and Senior Leaders. If you dont understand the psychology of what you and your staff are experiencing during a major change, then you won't be able to lead them through it. If your organisation is going through an amalgamation, major techological change, cultural change, or any change that is creating angst amongst your staff, then this program which is customised to your needs will assist a smooth transition.


Working with Change Teams

Change may be ever present but no manager can successfully change the organisation on their own.  Change teams help spread the load and become an important conduct for the change communication process.  The change team need to be enthusiastic, have the respect of their colleagues and be prepared to put in the effort to bring about the changes needed.  The development of a change team is not a nice to have addition to the change process it is mandatory.  This program will assist the change team establish itself in the organisation and develop the procedures and protocols necessary for success.