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Coaching and Mentoring

Effective strategies for Development and Workplace Conflict



Coaching Skills for Leaders

In today’s more demanding world for managers they need to better equipped to assist their colleagues and to help their colleagues be more self sufficient.  Coaching is the process where the manager initially assists their colleague to develop their own solution to the issue.  Over time the colleague will be better able to identify their own solutions and be less reliant on their manager.


Coaching for individuals - Performance managed or on behaviour warning

93% of managers surveyed reported that they did not have the skills necessary to deal with inappropriate behaviour of their staff (Bully Free at Work, Valerie Cade).  This lack of intervention has unwanted consequences for other team members.  Assisting managers to either better manage the performance or behaviour matter or indeed using an outside specialist are necessary so that the behaviour or performance issue is address.  We can assist you to improve this vital management skill.


Coach and Mentoring

To coach or mentor is a question for all managers.  This program will review both coaching and mentoring, the differences and the similarities and when to apply each.  All staff will benefit from managers skilled in both coaching and mentoring.  The program includes the essential skill of both and when to use them.