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Conflict Resolution

Effective strategies to deal with Workplace Conflict



Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural part of life when two or more people come together.  The effective resolution of conflicts is much less natural.  This program will offer many tools to equip the participant deal better with conflicts.  Unfortunately there is no magic bullet to resolve conflicts so the more tools in the bag the better to help reduce the potentially harmful effects of conflict.



Dealing with Difficult People

All of us come up against difficult people from time to time and often say, after the interaction, “if only I had said...”  Interestingly not all ‘difficult people’ are difficult for everyone.  Some staff find that different behaviours are more or less bothering to deal with, for example ‘The Tank’, The Snipper’, ‘The No person’, ‘The Whiner’.  This program will help the participant to identify the types of difficult behaviour that they struggle with and develop strategies to be more effective in dealing with them.


Dignity and Respect At Work (D.R.A.W)

This is one of the most important aspects of any workplace. It applies to all levels of people interactions and has the biggest impact on productivity, financial bottom line for the organisation and overall morale.

Enhancing the organisations workforce with skills and awareness of D.R.A.W and upskilling Managers in dealing with issues in the early stages, will ensure a more productive and happier workplace. This in turn will improve  rates of retention, lower Workcover insurance costs, relieve the pressure of HR by minimising incidents of Bullying and Harassment and also ensure the organisation gains the reputation of a great place to work.


Influencing Skills for Managers

Significiant research shows us what techniques of influencing others works or doesn’t work.  It is important for all staff who need to influence others to better understand the approaches to use in a variety of settings.  In the book by Robert Cialdini, The Psychology of Influence he presents us with the latest research and practical techniques to ensure our influencing of others is more likely to be successful.  The six universal Principles of Persuasion are presented with both examples and skills practice. Video Here