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Tailored training programs written and developed to meet

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Councillor Development and Support

Enhance skills for Mayors and Councillors



Breach of Code of Conduct interventions

When a councillor breaches the Code of Conduct usually the council will pass a motion about the future actions expected of the council.  These interventions by their nature are personal and sometimes difficult for the organisation.  the intervention will need to be both professional and sensitive the individual councillor’s beliefs about the finding of their breach.  Skill and experience are the major ingredients to ensure a successful intervention.


Building Better relations with Senior Executive

An organisation will only flourish when all associated with the senior leadership of the organisation are effective and supportive with their interpersonal relationships.  Being professional is both focusing on the specific task and ensuring the relationships between all involved are appropriate, adult and able to deal with disagreements.  Often the whole senior team including and the executive and the councillors need to come together to establish their own ground rules and approaches to ensure success.


Change Development

Councillors lead the organisation be setting policy and strategic direction in consultation with the Executive Team.  Considering Dr. Goman’s challenge that “organisations don’t change, people do – or don’t as the case may be”, those leading any change initiative need to understand the human component and appropriate lead the staff through the change.  The stages of change will be identified and strategies developed to ensure a greater chance of success.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the official policy on how all staff must conduct themselves at work.  The Councillors are not employees but must conduct themselves in a manner that won’t bring the organisation into disrepute.  Councillors have specific obligations under the Code and this program will identify those obligations, use specific examples to help clarify the expectation and use real examples to assist the Councillors better perform their duties.


Elected Life - An Induction program for Councillors

This one day program is designed to introduce new councillors to their role.  Returning councillors can also benefit by refining their understanding of their role and how to be a more effective councillor and community representative


Handling Difficult People for Councillors

Councillors need the skills to better deal with their constituents particularly the more difficult ones.  Difficult people are a natural part of life.  Interestingly not all people find other difficult.  It is usually the type of behaviour that we find difficult.  This program will identify the main behavioural types that most find difficult and help develop strategies to deal with each of them.


Offsite group development

From time to time all teams can benefit by coming together in a neutral and relaxed setting to discuss and develop their approach to their role.  Usually this type of session is both personalised and includes specific components identified by prior discussion.  The session is more a facilitated conversation to ensure that all present are heard and appropriate action and solutions are agreed.  It can be either a one day or multiple days program.


Organisational Coaching and Mentoring

From time to time councillors may need specific one-on-one coaching to better equip them for their role.  The process of coaching is highly personal and specific to the individual’s needs.  This is also an intervention used for councillors who have breached the Code of Conduct.  The coach is high skilled and experienced in working with Councillors on many issues associated with their role.


Preventing Bullying and Harassment

Sadly some people bully others.  The consequences can be life threatening.  Councillors have a unique position as leaders of the community and the organisation whose example must be exemplary.  Skills to both identify bellying behaviour and to appropriate deal with it will be developed over this half day program


Respectful Workplace

Of all the behaviours staff want from their managers it is to be treated with respect. This also goes for the many hundreds of councillors we have worked with.  They also, not surprisingly, want respectful behaviour from their colleagues.  One of the simple difficulties is that most people do not clearly define what they mean by respectful behaviour.  In a recent session with councillors, 17 major behaviours were identified as representing respectful behaviour for them.  Do not fall into the trap that you know what another person means by respectful behaviour.  This activity will assist you and your colleagues identify and agree the requirements of all present to behave in a respectful manner.