Workplace Support and Services


Tailored training programs written and developed to meet

individuals and corporate needs.




Councils and Organisation Support

Coaching for individuals

who are Performance managed or on behaviour warning

93% of managers surveyed reported that they did not have the skills necessary to deal with inappropriate behaviour of their staff (Bully Free at Work, Valerie Cade).  This lack of intervention has unwanted consequences for other team members.  Assisting managers to either better manage the performance or behaviour matter or indeed using an outside specialist are necessary so that the behaviour or performance issue is address.  We can assist you to improve this vital management skill.


Culture change implementation

Changing culture takes time and patience.  A clear visions is needed, it must be communication over and over again.  It needs to be flexible enough to change as anomalies are identified.  All of this needs to be done while still serving the customers.  We can assist with a structured and proved approach.


High Performing Teams survey

How a team performs is usually evident to those outside the team but often not so evident to those inside the team.  Through our High Performing Teams survey eight key components are identified and the current views of the team members reported.  Strategies to improve the identified areas are then developed.



From time to time differences cannot be resolved in a personal meeting between parties and a more formal mediation is needed.  This is a very structured approach to ensure that each party is heard and that options for ongoing resolution are explored and agreed.  Usually the end result of mediation is an agreed contract which sets out the areas of agreement and actions to take if those agreements are broken.  Only trained and registered mediators should lead two or more people through a mediation process.


Organisational Culture Development

All societies have a unique culture.  All organisations have a unique culture.  The questions is “does our culture help or hinder our overall performance?”  Developing the culture, or more importantly changing the existing as needed takes skill and a long term focus.  There are more or less helpful approaches.  Ensure that your approach is the best one for you.


Organisational Culture Surveys

Informed managers know that the culture of their organisation has a significant effect on the productivity of the organisation.  There is a range of survey approaches to identify the organisations current culture and to point to areas needing appropriate intervention.  We are accredited in a range of approaches and can assist you identify the best one for your circumstances.


Recruitment selections

Directors, Managers, Outdoor Leaders and Rangers

The major method that most staff are recruited is by personal interview.  The research shows that this is the least helpful way to decide the best candidate for the job.  Psychometric testing will assist the decision maker make decisions about characteristics of the applicant not obvious in the interview or other supporting application documents.  Call for more details on how we can support your own recruiting initiatives.


Workplace Investigations

When staff behave inappropriate towards others often there is a grievance lodged.  The local HR staff investigate most of these claims.  From time to time an outside investigator allows the local HR staff to present an ‘arms length’ investigation and findings.  These investigations must be conducted appropriately to ensure that any subsequent challenge to the findings are unsuccessful.  We can assist you with all your investigations of staff behaviour.