While there are personal development programs specifically targeted at women, we are constantly asked by male employees… “But what about us?”


The DashCam program came from that need.


Why Dashcam?


Well, when you think of a Dashcam on a car it conjures up an image of going forward … and that’s what we would like our male colleagues to achieve after attending this unique action based and practical program.



Who should attend

Male employees in a non leadership position who aspire to progress their career



2 x Full days

1 x personal coaching session (1hour) per participant


Course Content

  Exploring the following topics and applying them to your own situation


* Personal Development Questionnaire

* What's holding YOU back?

* Personal goal setting

* Motivational Guest Speaker - How they progressed?

* What role do I prefer in my team?

* Understanding Mental Health at Work

* Personal coaching session with a Corporate Coach

* An Introduction to People Leadership

* Communicating and Influencing Skills to progress my career

* Assertiveness Skills

* Interview and Negotiating Skills

* Personal Presentation Skills

* Where to from now - the next steps 



Norm Turkington specialises in organisational workplace behaviour. He is a psychologist who has spent the last 35 years working with individuals and teams.

DashCam for MEN