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Emotional Intelligence

In recent research article about hiring senior managers almost 90% of all job ads required as an essential criteria “superior people skills”.  Experience and the research also show that those managers with strong people skills are better managers.  Emotional Intelligence has been identified in many forms as far back as Aristotle but brought to our attention in more recent years as a necessary component of being a good manager.  Using current research and appropriate testing managers will learn both what it is and how to develop it.


Masterclass Executive Development

Executive teams are most effective when they provide clear direction and strategy for the organisation.  Many do this well some much less so.  It is important that the Executive team understand their individual and collective roles in guiding the organisation.  This program is personalised and customised for the specific needs of the Executive team.  Initial data gathering will inform the content to ensure the most effective use of the session.


One-on-one Senior Executive Support

It is not surprising that the saying ‘it is lonely at the top’ is more true today than ever before.  Senior managers often have to deal with very complex and demanding issues with little or no support to turn to.  Many struggle in silence and often feel burnt out by the relentless pace of the workplace.  Many managers have benefited from one-on-one support so they can hear their own thinking about matters.  This support is highly confidential.  It is often off-site but can be in the managers own office – whatever works the best.  The support person has over 40 year’s corporate experience, psychologically trained and skilled in the art of gentle support so that the manager can be supported at their own pace.


Team development for Senior Executives

High performing teams don’t happen by accident.  The executive team is perhaps the most important in being able to demonstrate to the organisation both the importance of team cohesion and how to do it.  This program will focus on the elements of High Performing Teams and through data collection identify those areas which will need improvement.


The Psychology of Change

This program is designed for General Managers and Senior Leaders. If you dont understand the psychology of what you and your staff are experiencing during a major change, then you won't be able to lead them through it. If your organisation is going through an amalgamation, major techological change, cultural change, or any change that is creating angst amongst your staff, then this program which is customised to your needs will assist a smooth transition.