Workplace Investigations



Workplace  - 20 Years Experience



We have been assisting organisations including NSW Local Government Councils

with their workplace behavioiur investigations including Bullying and Harassment.



We believe that the best possible outcome for both the staff and organisation is to investigate the dispute as quickly as possible and look for any underlying causes or systemic issues which have contributed to the grievance.


This helps to correct and eliminate any possible future issues.



Our approach

As psychologists our approach differs from other investigators. Many Investigators follow an approach of a 'factual investigation' and deliver the results confined to the facts of the matter specific to the dispute. This information is presented to the decision maker in the organisation for their benefit in deciding what, if any, discipline should be applied.


Our approach is to complete a factual investigation and to compliment that information with a closer scrutiny of the causes of the grievance.



Other areas

Some other areas or causes present in the grievance could include:


Management structures, systems and methods

  • Management structure, reporting lines, accountabilities, authorities

  • Management systems - performance appraisal, reporting procedures, code of conduct

  • Management training - availability, management development planning

  • Succession planning - management relief opportunities

  • Specialist training - conflict resolution skills, mediation skills

  • Staff training - skills development, regulatory training



As appropriate we will complete our report delivering our findings and recommendations for all aspects of the investigation.


We would be happy to discuss how we can assist you.