Leaders Assistance Program



You have probably heard of an Employee Assistance Program?


But what about YOU?

Where can you go if you have a pressing leadership question you just want

to pass by someone?


To assist you we have set up the   FREE Leaders Assistance Program (LAP).

Just send your leadership question to learning@ntatoday.com


Who should use the LAP?

Anyone with a leadership responsibility


What can I ask?

Well, that's up to you.


However, previous callers have asked leadership questions like:

  • How do I give feedback to an underperforming employee?

  • How do I maintain the enthusiasm of my best worker?

  • My boss is a procrastinator ...how can I get him to make a decision?

  • I'm stressed and feeling out of control from leadership responsibilities. What can I do about it?


When you write your request tell us as much as you can about the problem or issue without mentioning names. When does it happen; how often; who's involved; what specifically keeps you awake about the problem; what have you tried before?



Norm Turkington specialises in organisational workplace behaviour.

He is a psychologist who has spent the last 35 years working with leaders and teams.


And is looking forward to working with YOU.