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Enhancing and Developing Leadership



Coaching skills for Leaders

In today’s more demanding world for managers they need to better equipped to assist their colleagues and to help their colleagues be more self sufficient.  Coaching is the process where the manager initially assists their colleague to develop their own solution to the issue.  Over time the colleague will be better able to identify their own solutions and be less reliant on their manager.


Essential skills for Team Leaders

This program is an extension of the Supervisors Series and includes up to 15 topics from which to most needed can be drawn.  The program can be presented with a reduced number of topics in one day or up to five days to cover all the topics.  All the topics can be presented as single areas for learning or development.


Dealing with Difficult People

All of us come up against difficult people from time to time and often say, after the interaction, “if only I had said...”  Interestingly not all ‘difficult people’ are difficult for everyone.  Some staff find that different behaviours are more or less bothering to deal with, for example ‘The Tank’, The Snipper’, ‘The No person’, ‘The Whiner’.  This program will help the participant to identify the types of difficult behaviour that they struggle with and develop strategies to be more effective in dealing with them.


Dealing with Inappropriate Performance and Conduct

Most managers have to deal with unwanted performance or behaviour.  BUT it is often avoided and a staff member is allowed to continue as if all is well with their performance or behaviour.  Yet other staff are asking them selves “why doesn’t the manager deal with this person?”  This program builds an approach to assist managers’ deal with performance or behaviour issues and to ensure that the documentation is completed appropriately should the matter end up in the ‘Commission’.


Developing High Performing Teams

High performing teams don’t happen by accident.  Yet most staff today are organised into teams and expected to ‘just get along’.  High Performing Teams are more than ‘just getting along’  this program will review where your team is at present on a range of measures and assist you to develop strategies and approaches to allow you to become a High Performing Team.


Leadership On the Go

This is a unique opportunity to help people leaders solve the leadership issues which are keeping them awake at night. Facilitated by an experienced Leadership facilitator, this unstructured session allows participants to explore their leadership issues, brainstorm ideas and work through their own issues. Participants should come prepared with an open mind and some questions to explore.


Leading People through Chance and Uncertainty

Change is ever present.  We don’t need to look far to prove that claim.  On the other hand organisations are inherently conservative and resistant to change.  Managers need to understand the human elements in change and to better equip themselves to deal with the statement – “organisations don’t change, people do – or don’t as the case may be” (Dr. Carol Kinsey Goman).  Managers need to understand the emotional and psychological aspects of change.  They end to understand that their colleagues will move through four reasonable predictable stages of change and to develop the strategies to deal with those stages.  This program will help develop those skills.


Manager as Coach program

All managers need to have an expanded tool kit to deal with today’s many demands of both managers and staff.  Coaching is a skill where the manager assists their colleague to find their own solutions to their issues.  Through skilful listening and questioning techniques the manager guides the colleague to a conclusion.  The more that managers use specific coaching techniques the more their colleagues that they are expected and encouraged to resolve their own issues


Negotiating for Results

All of life is negotiation.  Not just the big corporate deals or international diplomacy but everyday interactions.  This program helps participants to understand the process of negotiating, what is more likely to work or not and skills you can develop to improve your own negotiation style.


Outdoor Leadership 

Outdoor leaders work in a very hands-on environment.  Their learning style tends to be more practical and task specific.  This program is highly interactive while covering the key components of leadership, team work and dealing with performance issues.  The two day program also includes a between-days assignment which is focused on an aspect of their team which is holding them back from being high performing.  They presenting their finding and solutions to the program participants on day two.


Pathways to Leadership

Emerging leaders need to be identified for appropriate and smoth succession planning in the organisation.  this program is structured to both identify the emerging leaders and to introduce them to leadership and supervision topics appropriate to their current stage of learning.


Revisiting Leadership

If you have been to other leadership programs and want to just refresh your knowledge or find out what might be new then this program will revisit many of the leadership models available today.  The program includes practical examples and application of the various models including Four Quadrant Leadership developed by Australia’s pre-eminent behavioural scientist Wilf Jarvis.


Supervisor Series

Supervisors are perhaps the most important people in an organisation as they directly deal with the front line.  Supervisors are often chose because they demonstrated sound technical skills in their area of work.  This program is presented as 5 half days and each session focuses on a specific supervisor skill area.  The five core topics can be expanded to include specific workplace needs and also delivered as half day components.