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NSW Councils Legislative Training

Legislative Training for Staff and Councillors


Breach of Code of Conduct interventions(Councillors)

When a councillor breaches the Code of Conduct usually the council will pass a motion about the future actions expected of the council.  These interventions by their nature are personal and sometimes difficult for the organisation.  The intervention will need to be both professional and sensitive the individual councillor’s beliefs about the finding of their breach.  Skill and experience are the major ingredients to ensure a successful intervention.


Code of Conduct - Contractors

The Code of Conduct is applicable to staff and councillors.  It also covers other members of committees and delegates of council.  This program is for contractors to help them better understand the requirements of staff in carrying out their daily duties.  Many contractors are not aware of the possible restrictions on staff about general conduct obligations, conflicts of interest, personal benefits including gifts and benefits and access to council resources. 


Code of Conduct- Staff

All organisations have a Code of Conduct of expected behaviour of the staff.  Most staff know that it exists but are much less knowledgeable about its contents of specific application.  This half day program will make clear the specific requirements of the Code and will use a variety of real examples to reinforce the learning points in the session.

Code of Conduct- Councillors

The Code of Conduct is the official policy on how all staff must conduct themselves at work.  The Councillors are not employees but must conduct themselves in a manner that won’t bring the organisation into disrepute.  Councillors have specific obligations under the Code and this program will identify those obligations, use specific examples to help clarify the expectation and use real examples to assist the Councillors better perform their duties.


Social Media Awareness for Employees

Our private lives are lees our own in today’s fast moving world.  In past times if you said something inappropriate about your employer only a few people would know.  Today if you say something inappropriate thousands could know in a few minutes.  How social media is used can have a detrimental effect on your employment.  All organisations now have policies about what you say and the implications for discipline if you say the wrong thing.  Practical examples and strategies are presented in this short training program


Understanding Relational Selling and its implication for procurement staff

During recent ICAC investigation 88 Councils in NSW were investigated for potential violations of their Code of Conduct through the acceptance of gifts from sales people doing business with the council.  Staff were either inadvertently caught accepting gifts or deliberately seeking benefits from the sales people.  This program helps staff in any part of the procurement process to be better identify the tactics used to get them to buy products from suppliers.  This program also satisfies the ICAC recommendation number 6 to ensure staff are educated to identify such techniques and not by caught being in breach of the Code.