Organisational Coaching





What is coaching?


  • Coaching is essentially a conversation - a dialogue between a coach and a coachee - within

      a productive, results - orientated context


  • Coaching is about learning - yet a coach is not necessarily a teacher and does not necessarily know how to do things better than a coachee. A coach can observe patterns, set the stage for new actions and then work with the individual to put these new, more successfull actions into place.


  • Coaching is more about asking the right questions than providing answers. A coach engages in a collaborative alliance with the individual to establish and clarify purpose and goals and develop a plan of action to achieve these goals.


Coaching is a relationship between the coach, the employee and their manager. Specific goals are agreed and the coach and the employee meet for a session of approximately  1.5 to 2 hours, usually on a four weekly basis. The time and frequency is determined by the needs of the employee. Coaching is a specialised skill and we are backed by our broad experience in psychology and the reasearch it brings to ensure cutting edge interventions.



Benefits of coaching:


  • Coaching for leadership increases productivity, improves communication


  • Coaching assists individuals to remain loyal and committed


  • Coaching can help prevent executive and management derailment


  • Coaching helps managers to develop better interpersonal skills


  • Coaching helps leaders to think and plan more strategically


  • Coaching aids in developing a culture of trust and personal responsibility


  • Coaching enables managers to use their personal power more effectively


  • Coaching can develop leadership qualities in a manager




Team Coaching       What is team coaching?


Team Coaching is focused on building high performing teams and building collective capability.


It helps build collaborative behaviour and create harmonious team dynamics.



Individual Coaching       What is individual coaching?


Individual Coaching is focused on  understanding individual strengths and development needs.  


Some key benefits for individuals are:


  • Improved communication skills

  • Improved team work

  • Increased efficiency and accountability

  • Reduced stress

  • Improvement in team leadership

  • Understanding their own work preference styles

  • Increased self awareness



Coach and Mentor Training

       What is coach and mentor training?

Coach and Mentor training works to strengthen and improve the leadership capabilities of your management team.


We focus on understanding the needs and expectations of the team or individual. By developing the individual strengths and understanding of their influence and emotional intelligence, individuals will become more effective in the organisation.  Improving managers enables better and more effective and high performing teams. This ultimately creates a more a cohesive workplace and better productivity.



Coaching process?


Following an analysis and assessment of your needs and areas for development we would recommend an appropriate process.


Depending on the coaching approach agreed, coaching sessions of 1.5 to 2 hours on a four weekly basis would be agreed. The timing and frequency would  depend on the approach.



Our expertise. . . 


Coaching is a specialised skill and we are backed by our broad experience in psychology and the reasearch it brings to ensure cutting edge interventions.



We have over 10,000 hours of coaching experience over 20 years