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Organisational Coaching


Workplace coaching can assist achieving system-wide cultural shifts in your organisation.  Workplace Coaching can develop your leaders and managers to create a high performance culture and positive shifts in group dynamics in your organisation.


We can assist with a number of approaches and tailored coaching.

We are backed by our broad experience in psychology and the reasearch it brings to ensure cutting edge interventions.



Conflicts happen in the workplace. It is inevitable.


If the conflict is left unresolved it iwll lead to potentially broken relationships; lower productivity; poor morale; fractions forming; possible costs through appearance in workplace tribunals.


All managers and employees want a harmonious, happy and productive workplace. This can be better achieved if workplace disputes are dealt with quickly and effectively.



Bullying - Awareness 


All staff look to their managers to ensure that they are working in a safe workplace. 


The policies may be in place but if there is no effective manager intervention the policy is an empty document. 


In a recent survey 93% of managers said ‘NO’ when ask if they had the skills to effectively deal with bullying behaviour. 



Workplace Investigations


Investigations of workplace disputes are potentially stressful for staff, even those specialising in these matters.


With our  many years of experience, particularly in local government we bring a unique level of knowledge and understanding of the workplace of local government. With that experience and our psychology background we assist organisations and councils to bring the matter to the best possible outcome. 


Program Facilitation


Tailored training programs written and devloped to meet individuals and corporate needs.


Senior Executive, General Managers, CEO's and Directors


Managers, Supervisors and Staff







Hiring key Executive and Senior Managers is time consuming and costly for organisations especially if the best person for the job is not hired.


We use valid and reliable psychometric instruments to help identify the best fit applicant for the position .


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Mental Health at Work
Wellness rather than illness

Do you have a Mentally Healthy workplace?


71% of employees surveyed said that a mentally healthy workplace would be an important consideration when looking for a job. 

More staff considered Mental Health (92%) more important than Physical Safety (89%).

Staff want a mentally healthy place to work.


This program will focus on the key components for a Mentally Healthy Workplace.  It will assist managers and staff to identify the current climate and how to move towards a more inclusive mentally healthy workplace