"Helped differentiate the final two applicants. Your assessment highlighted areas we would not have looked at. Helped us get the best fit applicant".

"Provided great insight into the applicants. Excellent value for money"

"Very easy process. Confirmed our choice of applicant and highlighted some of the areas which may be an issue in the future"




Managing Inappropriate Conduct and Performance

"Norm knows his topic and presents it well"

"Realistic, timely and useful"

"Great discussion of how the values presented applied to our Council"

"Great material and helpful hints"

"Good reference tool to take away"

"Great skills and insights into improvement in giving negative feedback"

"Thorough and methodical presentation of the process"

Great tools in dealing with future situations"


Handling Difficult People

"Norm is an excellent trainer/facilitator"

"Highly recommend"

"Interesting insight into psychology"

"Easy to listen to"

"Interesting, relevant  and well presented"

"Norm was great, interesting and knowledgable"

"Easy to understand"

"Information was all very relevant"




Making Consultative Committee Meetings More Effective

"Excellent - very succinct and useable" - HR Officer

"Loved Norms style, experience and knowledge"

"Very informative, easy to follow, great presenter"

"Very knowledgeable and engaging"

"Good overall coverage - confidence building"

"Interesting topics - well designed. Relevant and extensive experience. Helpful for organisation and new JCC reps"

USU organiser

"Practical and provides an excellent understanding of the topic" HR Manager

"Well presented - good balance between free discussions and presenting" Snr Environment Health Officer

"Interactive sessions, opportunities to provide feedback and give real examples" Metro Council, Corporate Goverance



Mentoring Skills

"Helped with self-reflection/analysis"

"Well structured"

"Thought provoking content"

"Very capable and excellent communicator"

"Norm encourages great participation"

"Course well presented and very relevant content"

"Engaging, great practical examples,and very relevant content"

"Good information on communication and conflict resolution"



Supervisor Series

"Current issues seamlessly incorporated in the course" Dev. Assessment Engineer

"Lots of interesting content, theoretical knowledge"

"Great presenter who really knew his stuff"

"Practical - relevant to work setting - real examples"

"Very helpful resources and advice"

"We enjoyed having Norm and everyone really enjoyed the sessions" Human Resource Manager

What do participants say . . . 

Outdoor Leadership

"Easy to undersand and well presented"

"Effective and informative"

"The presentation linked to useful areas"

"I learnt so much in the short 2 day course"

" The course Norm delivered was excellent - truely 10/10 and precisely the king of course we were looking for"

Director of Engineering

Executive Programs

"The presenter was extremely interesting, and one of the better presenters I have had"   Risk Manager


"Good size to allow frank discussions"  Finance Manager




"Following Norm's program on change, the team were much more settled and openly discussing the changes in a positive  way". Metropolitan Council


"Some great feedback from participants and some noticeable changes already. It was well recevied"  




“I have sat through many Code of Conduct programs but this is

the best and most interesting and engaging I have been in.”

Experienced Councillor, Metropolitan Council 


"It was a very worthwhile exercise where we discussed and agreed how to behave in more respectful way. Well done and thank you Norm." Country Council

Bullying and Harassment Awareness

"Norm knows his topic and presents it well"

"Helps distinguish more easily between bullying, harassment and discrimination"

"Norm made the training course very enjoyable and great information"

"Enjoyable and I liked the real life examples"

"Found this extremely helpful"

"The examples were helpful and presentation style engaging"

"Excellent session. Norm is a very good presenter"

"Great examples provided and thorough knowledge from presenter"

"Interactive and keeps staff interested"

"Presentation was informative and case studies relevant to local government"